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US Army Hospital

US-Staatsangehörige, welche im US Army Hospital Bad Cannstatt (5th General Hospital) geboren wurden, haben die Möglichkeit sich beim Standesamt Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt eine Geburtsurkunde ausstellen zu lassen.

Flagge USA

US citizens who are born in the US Army Hospital Bad Cannstatt (5th General Hospital) can have a birth certificate issued by the Registry Office in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt.

Step by step instructions for ordering a birth certificate.

Tip: click on " PDF-Druckvorschau" ("PDF preview") on the right to view this page as a PDF document in a separate window. You can then print it or use it as a reference during the ordering procedure.

Please proceed as follows:

Preliminary note: you will find fields marked with an "*" throughout the entire order. These are obligatory fields where an entry or choice must be made.

First click at the top on the "Personenstandsurkunde bestellen" ("Order civil status certificate") tab.

Then select the radio button "Geburtsurkunde (auch mehrsprachig)" ("Birth certificate (also multilingual)" ) (default setting)

Move on to the next step by clicking the "Angaben zur Urkunde" ("Details of certificate") button.

You should now enter the details of the person for whom you wish to order the birth certificate. The following fields must be completed: First name, Surname, Name at birth and Date of birth (Day, Month, Year)

Under details of the place of birth, leave "Krankenhaus" ("Hospital") and select "US Army Hospital" from the list

Use the default setting "Sonstiges" ("Miscellaneous") under intended use. You can enter more text as needed.

Select the item "mehrsprachig (internationaler Auszug aus dem Register)" ("Multilingual (international extract from register)" ) under "Urkunde" ("Certificate") and enter the number of copies you require

Move to the next step by clicking the "Weitere Angaben zur Urkunde" ("Further details of certificate") button.

The desired certificate relates to "meine Person" ("My person")(=applicant), "mein Kind / meinen Ehegatten" ("My child / spouse") or "eine andere Person" ("Another person"): select the appropriate answer

If the order relates to "eine andere Person" ("Another person") it can only be processed if additional proof is rendered.
The desired certificate relates to (please select):
- "Verwandte in gerader Linie, ausgenommen Kind" ("First-degree relative, except child")
- "sonstige Person" ("Other person")

In these cases the relationship either has to be proven by documents or a legal interest in the document be shown credibly. A legal interest is given if you were to suffer a legal prejudice without the desired document. The following proofs will be accepted to substantiate the legal interest (please select, multiple choice is possible):
- "Vollmacht einer für die Ausstellung der Urkunde berechtigten Person" ("Power of attorney from a person entitled to issue the certificate")
- "Kopie der Bestallungsurkunde" ("Copy of the certificate of appointment")
- "Vollstreckbarer Schuldtitel" ("Writ of execution for service")
- "Mitteilung des Nachlassgerichts" ("Notice from the probate court")

The proof must be presented to the pertinent registrar's office in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt within 7 days. You can hand in the proof later per (please select the appropriate type of dispatch):
- "Post", "E-mail" or "Fax"

Move on to the next step by clicking the "zur Zusammenfassung" ("To summary") button.

After checking the details in "Ihre Angaben auf einen Blick" ("Your details at a glance"), proceed to the next step by clicking the "Urkunde in Warenkorb legen" ("Place certificate in cart") button.

The order will be shown once again - click the "Bestellung abschließen" ("Conclude order") button to proceed to the next step.

Enter the details of the orderer (if the ordered document is for yourself the details already exist)

Under "Angaben zur Adresse" ("Details of the address"), first select the "Land" ("Country") from the list, e.g. USA, then enter the appropriate address

Please enter your E-mail address and then click the "weiter" ("next") button

Select the type of payment "per Kreditkarte" ("Per credit card") - enter your credit card details "Kartentyp" ("Type of card"), "Kartennummer" ("Card number"), "Gültig bis" ("Valid thru") and "Kartenprüfnummer" ("Security number").Then click the "Zur Zusammenfassung" ("To summary") button to move on to the final step.

The "Zusammenfassung" ("Summary") once again shows all the data you have entered

Check this data and send off the order by clicking the "Bestellung absenden" ("Send order") button. You will then receive a message confirming that we have received your order (with date and time). You will also be shown a link "Zusammenfassung im PDF-Format" ("Summary in PDF format") that gives you the chance to view your order as a PDF document. You can also save this PDF file to your computer or print it out.

Once we have received your order a message will be sent (in German) to the E-mail address you have entered that confirms receipt of your order.
A further E-mail will be sent to inform you when your order has gone through processing.

The document(s) will be sent to you per letter post.

If you are unable to find the information you need, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to our Customer Service team, using our online form "Kontakt per E-Mail".